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Whether you’re looking to make improvements to your diet, ridding your body of chronic symptoms, or wanting to establish a connection between mind, body, and spirit, there are a few lifestyle guidelines I live, breathe, and teach.

Whole foods diet

A whole foods diet is essential in giving your body the tools (nutrients) it needs to function at a high-level. When the body is working at its full potential, mental clarity, boosted energy, glowing skin, and weight loss often result.

Activity and movement

Imperative to our well-being, maintaining a practice in which we move our bodies on a regular basis will provide us with an overall sense of well-being and confidence. When we feel our best, we want what is best for ourselves.

Conscious mindfulness practice

Health is cyclical. The more we become aware of what we put in our body and how we treat our body, the more our habits, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs begin to shift. Mindfulness brings us into the present moment. It allows for awareness and acceptance, where healing begins.

Toxin elimination

Elimination is an important step in creating and sustaining a healthy body and mind. Toxins from both internal and external factors can build up and manifest as a handful of symptoms, wreaking havoc on the body. When proper detoxification and elimination is achieved, our bodies have the opportunity to flourish.

All of the above guidelines are those of which I practice and know to work well for me. My goal is to provide you with these same tools, specific to your body’s needs, in order for you to not only feel your best, but thrive in all aspects of life. While I guide my clients through any aspect of nutrition, I specialize in the following…

Digestive conditions
Stress and anxiety
Adrenal fatigue
Skin complications
Hormonal imbalances
Detoxification and elimination
Mind/body/spirit integration

Consultation Prices

1hr Initial Consult Session

30min Follow-Up Session

15min Mini Follow-Up Session via phone/text/skype
*complimentary with three month consultation package

Consultation Packages


Initial Consult + 2 Follow-Up


Initial Consult + 4 Follow-Up + 2 Mini Follow-Up

The above packages are complete with a full nutrition assessment and individualized dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle recommendations and goals. Meal plans, grocery lists, food combining guides, and any additional reading materials, tip sheets, and referrals, will be provided in conjunction to each session.

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Note, upon booking your initial consultation, you will receive a link to the required online intake forms. Please fill out the forms prior to your first scheduled consult.

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