I’m Jamie Lee, a holistic nutrition coach, on a journey to help others create a full and healthy life through an integrative mind, body, spirit approach.

My journey in health consciously began a few years ago, when my body and heart knew it was time for change. The change didn’t start on a dietary level, it started with my personal happiness and growth. I made a shift from the comfort of a corporate job to a juice bar start-up. It was scary and short-lived but it ignited a spark, a passion, something I knew I couldn’t shy away from.

As a child, I struggled with both obesity and asthma but they were not necessarily factors that pushed me to pursue nutrition. In fact, different conditions arose as I progressed through schooling or what I now see as the beginning of my personal journey on the long road to self-discovery.  I’ve been learning that yes, external factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins may very likely result in dis-ease (our natural state of “ease” being imbalanced or disrupted) but there’s a flip side, perhaps dis-ease develops in order to teach what we need to learn about ourselves. When working with a mind, body, and spirit approach, healing consists of much more than simply adjusting dietary habits, although I’ll be the first to praise the whole foods diet!

The purpose of The Fresh Method is to share my personal experiences in nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, spirituality, and life, in hopes to ignite that spark. A change toward a better you. What that looks like is up to you to decide, whether it’s implementing healthy eating strategies, working towards reducing symptoms of current conditions, or finding balance in your everyday life.

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