I’ve come to the understanding that when we make time to love and care for ourselves, we’re better able to love and care for those around us – not to mention better able to handle all facets of stress; the mental, physical, and emotional. Self-care should not be something thought of as selfish. Rather, it should be something in which we pride ourselves on. Let go of the ego-created guilt that self-care can bring and surrender knowing that such a practice benefits us not only as an individual but everyone whose lives we touch.

Self-care will look different to each person so it’s important to find and enjoy the things that feel best for you. I’ve found that, for me, Sundays are a wonderful day to take care and it truly sets the tone for the week ahead.

Enjoy slow mornings.
Let’s not rush if we don’t have to. Turn off that alarm. Be slow to rise. Stretch it out. Take deep breaths. Make a delicious homebrew of sorts (I’m really diggin’ my decaf coffee with Nuez nutmilk and a teaspoon of coconut oil). Fuel your body with good food. Let the day unfold.

Immerse yourself in nature.
Heck, hug a tree while you’re at it! Nature sure has such a beautiful way of making us feel grounded. Mama Earth is a giant magnet with a bottomless pit of electrons. These electrons are absorbed then neutralized to release free radicals from our bodies. We humans are electrically charged beings and our natural connection to the Earth is through direct contact (I wasn’t joking about hugging that tree). These electrons offer immediate as well as long-term reduction of inflammation, better sleep, muscle recovery, boosted creativity, and stress relief.

Spend time in solitude.
Disconnect for a moment. Take a bath, enjoy a cup of tea, go for a walk, read a book, or just simply breathe. Alone. Solitude has become a lost art but I’d like to shine a light on it. In being alone, we come to understand ourselves. We make space to create, we make space to reflect, we make space to practice gratitude.

Dive into creativity.
Whatever your spark – writing, dancing, painting, cooking – let it flow today. Swim with the current that is your creativity. Similar to a meditation practice, we’re completely in the moment when submerged in this creative state. It’s a way of release, important in keeping the body and mind balanced and full of life.

Get upside down.
Inversions are one of my favourite ways to de-stress. Nope, you don’t have to hold a headstand, handstand, forearm stand, or any stand (unless you want to!). An inversion can be categorized as any asana in which the head is below the heart. And while the above stands may come to mind, there are gentler variations that may be more suitable.  Down dog, standing forward folds, happy baby, and my favourite, legs up the wall, are lovely ways in which to get things moving in new directions.

I like to think that we have a self-care storage tank. And we don’t want to run on empty. This is where we’ll see exhaustion, illness and dis-ease. A lesson from my nana: fill up when our tank is half full.

Do you practice any self-care rituals? I’d love to hear!

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