Grounding. Nature’s therapy, antioxidant, and teacher. Also known as Earthing; a relatively new term for a timeless concept that involves directly connecting with the Earth’s surface, skin-to-skin. It’s about oneness and balance, stability and connectedness.

Our Earth is a giant magnet with a bottomless pit of electrons. These electrons are absorbed and then neutralized to release free radicals (electron thieves) from our bodies. We, as humans, are electrically charged beings and our natural connection to the Earth is through direct contact. We can create this connection by walking barefoot on soil, sand, or cement as we absorb these electrons on its surface, we then equalize the electrical potential in our bodies with that of the Earth. These electrons serve the function of antioxidants and offer immediate as well as long-term reduction of inflammation, better sleep, muscle recovery, boosted creativity, and stress relief.

Through experience, I have come to recognize that I am my truest and best self when I am in, and surrounded by, nature. It lifts my spirits and brings me peace. Earthing shows us that we are one with nature, not separate from it. To incorporate a dose of that pure and unfiltered energy, here are five of my favourite ways to reconnect with Mama Earth:

1. Practice yoga outside
Breathe in fresh air and take in new surroundings to enhance your awareness. No mat required.

2. Walk barefoot in the grass or sand
To clear your mind, increase endorphins, and relieve insomnia. Walking barefoot also stretches and strengthens those foot muscles not often used when wearing shoes. Spread those toes!

3. Hike in nature
The world is our oyster, here in BC. We have access to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Being surrounded by the strong energy of a forest can really create magic, if you tap into it. You can take part of it with you, too. If you are close to a river, pick up a river stone as they carry the Earth’s charge. Take two, one for each foot and stand on them, barefoot, while slowly moving your feet up and down.

4. Soak up some sunshine
That all-natural vitamin D. It’s easy to forget how essential sunlight is to our well-being. If the sun is shining, try running outdoors instead of hitting the gym or walking outside to do errands instead of taking the car. Every little step proves beneficial to our bodies.

5. Incorporate copper
As it is not always possible to make time each day to be in nature. Copper is a conductive metal. In order to maintain a connection to the earth in which electrons can enter your body, there must be conductivity. Years ago, I stumbled across Juil, a sustainable shoe co. connecting you to the Earth beneath your feet through copper-dotted soles.

Are there other earthing practices you integrate into your daily life? I’d love to hear! Keep the conversation going #letsgetgrounded

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  • Alyssa

    you are amazing ! Great post babe

    March 19, 2015

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