Grounding. Nature’s therapy, antioxidant, and teacher. Also known as Earthing; a relatively new term for a timeless concept that involves directly connecting with the Earth’s surface, skin-to-skin. It’s about oneness and balance, stability and connectedness.

Our Earth is a giant magnet with a bottomless pit of electrons. These electrons are absorbed and then neutralized to release free radicals (electron thieves) from our bodies. We, as humans, are electrically charged beings and our natural connection to the Earth is through direct contact. We can create this connection by walking barefoot on soil, sand, or cement as we absorb these electrons on its surface, we then equalize the electrical potential in our bodies with that of the Earth. These electrons serve the function of antioxidants and offer immediate as well as long-term reduction of inflammation, better sleep, muscle recovery, boosted creativity, and stress relief.

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turmeric smoothie

Once upon a time, I left my cushy corporate job to work at a juice bar. It was a drastic change, to say the least but one I do not regret. It was smack-dab in the middle of a dark, cold, disheartening Toronto winter and smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and raw foods were the furthest thing from my mind. Give me a bowl of hot and hearty lentil soup in lieu, then we’re talking. Though taking advantage of my situation, I never turned down a free smoothie (girl’s gotta eat!). Hours of experimenting later, I reached an “aha” now known as the Warming Turmeric Smoothie. I came to realize this particular mélange gave me the same warm-fuzzies that I’d experience from sipping a spiced chai or hot apple cider, even though it was as cold as, you know, a cold smoothie. My body temperature has always had a tendency to dip south of the thermometer, as I’m sure many can relate, but this cold smoothie quickly became part of my morning ritual, despite how contradictory that may seem. Let me explain…

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