Rich in B vitamins, fibre, and protein, these little guys are considered to be one of the most vitally alive and nourishing foods we can eat. All you really need is a jar! They’re perfect to boost a salad, top a sandwich, or garnish just about anything your heart desires. Who knew it would be so easy to get our daily dose of enzymes, vitamins, minerals?

You Will Need…

  • mason jar {or germinating jar}
  • 2-3 tbsp sprouting seeds or beans {I used: radish seeds}
  • cheese cloth
  • elastic

What To Do…

  1. Cut cheese cloth to fit slightly larger than the lid of the jar
  2. If you have a germinating jar, skip step 1
  3. Add in seeds/beans to the jar
  4. Fill jar with water 3-5 cm above seeds/beans, cover with cheese cloth and let soak overnight. Empty in the morning by letting water pour through cheese cloth/germinating jar lid
  5. Place jar in indirect sunlight and prop upside down {in a bowl} to make sure all the water is drained. Rinse seeds/beans every 8-12 hours
  6. In 2-4 days you should have sprouts!

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    October 30, 2014

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