Over the years, my {very talented} friend Ned and I have recognized and bonded over our many similarities, from photography and foraging, to travel and hiking. However, our lives couldn’t be further from similar at the moment; with me living in the heart of the city and him in a small town surrounded by wilderness. With that in mind, we decided to collaborate, creating a DIY fit for foodies in the city and health seekers in small towns alike.

We both agree that nothing beats fresh herbs and garnishes, especially those grown right at home that can be picked on a whim. Though many are still under the impression that eating “healthy” tastes bland but this is simply not true. Not when you have contenders like basil, oregano, cumin, parsley, rosemary and lavender… to name a few. All unique in their own way, they truly make dishes come to life and are also full of nutrients and enzymes.

I have this dream where I will one day be able to tend to a full garden in the backyard but in the meantime, a windowsill herb garden in my city apartment will do just fine.

You Will Need…

  • worn wood block, as thin as possible
  • small spikes {ex. chopsticks}
  • chop saw, jigsaw, or handsaw to chop blocks
  • drill & bit the size of the small spike
  • dremel with light sanding wheel
  • hot glue gun
  • paint
  • french onion soup bowls
  • rocks and potting soil
  • seeds of your choice
  • a loving attitude

What To Do…

1. Gather all equipment and pieces

2. Chop the 1.5 cm blocks for labels

3. Using the dremel, sand the edges of the block, leaving a bit of age on the wood

4. Drill holes in bottom of the block

5. Use the hot glue gun to fill drill holes and stick spike into place

6. Paint herb name on the block

7. Put a handful of rocks at bottom of each planter {aka french onion soup bowls} to allow for water to sit in case of over watering

8. Topsoil too

9. Add seeds

10. Watch them grow!

PS. Be sure to check out more of Ned’s amazing work, here

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